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Sacramento Court Turns Public Access Around With New System (CNS, March 28)

Courts Fairly Transparent, but not Their Bureaucracy, Watchdog Says (CNS, March 27)

California Courts Face Huge Shortfall in Funds (CNS, March 26)

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No Opposition to Audit of Calif. Courts Bureaucracy (DC36 member Sharis Peters) Read More>>>

Los Angeles County Court Funding Crisis View Video>>>

KCETs exclusive look at the economic crisis inside Los Angeles Superior Court. Whether it's fighting for custody, filing for divorce or arguing a traffic ticket, everyone is courting disaster.

Our Mission: We are a coalition of concerned Californians who are committed to keeping courts open and services available to the people who rely on the courts for justice. We are dedicated to educating elected officials about the catastrophic effects of justice denied when courtrooms close and the lights go dark.

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